What does it mean to love during a pandemic?

The COVID-19 pandemic has altered our very social fabric and permeated nearly every part of our lives. I’ve been thinking about how it’s changed the way we interact and love those closest to us. Instead of saying, “See you later” or “Drive safe!” we now more often say, “Stay healthy” or “Don’t catch the coronavirus!”

For many of us, a primary concern has been to keep those around us safe and to avoid getting others sick. I know for many, including myself, social distancing has been difficult and everyone who knows me also knows that I’m rapidly developing a really bad case of cabin fever. Still, I’ve been unbelievably lucky – two of my best friends live literally across the street from me and others I care deeply about are close to me as well.

I know that I hate being alone. (And everyone who knows me knows that too). I feed off being around others and I need to hear the voices and be in the presence of those I care about. It can also be infuriating to feel helpless and there are a billion things that are out of our control right now. But there are a few things we can do.

We can be honest with ourselves. I know being by myself has forced me to face my own insecurities about my need for human contact and my insatiable compulsion to always be doing something.

We can also figure out new ways to love and take care of those we care about. I’m tempted to want to be around my friends and family, to hug them and even just sit in the same room as them. But really, in this twisted turn of events, that may be the worst thing could do now. Social distancing is driving me as crazy as the next person, but it really is necessary.

It’s our chance to support each other through these absurd times. And I can’t help but think about how lucky I am. To have a family that calls me every day. To have a place to stay. To have those who let me know when the ground is dry and make me vegetarian burritos and dance in the living room with me.

If you’re feeling down, here’s a video that has helped me. God bless John Green’s soul.  

Also, apparently Love is Quarantine?

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