Finding Beauty in the 215

In the last few years, Philadelphia has become my home. I’ve been walking around the city a lot with a camera and realized just how important this city has become for me. After traveling so much and seeing so many beautiful places, I tend to forget about what I have right at home. Things might be crazy right now and traveling is probably not the best move, but I’d urge you to remember to admire the beauty that is already all around you. You don’t need an exotic place or a flight to be somewhere beautiful. With that, here’s a look around Philadelphia.   


The skyline of South Philadelphia is unreal. This is a neighborhood I’m only just exploring and really coming to love.

19122 – 19123

Fishtown is rich with history, but is becoming increasingly gentrified. Nonetheless, beautiful, and home to some of our favorite coffee shops.


A few shots from the industrial part of Callowhill, which to be totally frank, I’d never even walked through until this year. An overcast day made for great photography lighting.

But really, I always forget how incredible this place is. There is still so much to see and I’m learning to love this place more every day. Thank you, Philadelphia, for all you have given me.

Shot on a Nikon D5600

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