I’ve recently been reminded by my sister that there is a wealth of glorious words that have no English equivalents. I was trying to name this series of photos to no avail. Probably because there’s no English word that really encompasses what I wanted to convey.* This set of photos includes many of the usual […]

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Adjusting to a New Normal

At this point, you’re probably like, “Hey! This isn’t a travel blog; you just write about Philadelphia and the COVID-19 all the time!” You are, indeed, correct. But the coronavirus and its effects are extremely impactful at the moment, and my original intent in starting “Where on Earth” was to reflect on my observations about […]

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Finding Beauty in the 215

In the last few years, Philadelphia has become my home. I’ve been walking around the city a lot with a camera and realized just how important this city has become for me. After traveling so much and seeing so many beautiful places, I tend to forget about what I have right at home. Things might […]

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Fishtown, Philadelphia, PA

October 10th, 2019 Highlights: Food / Drink: Reanimator Coffee The Good Spoon Soupery Nunu Bar (Happy Hour) Weckerly’s Ice Cream If Philadelphia has one thing, it’s personality. Philly is so rich with history and each neighborhood has its own unique air – Fishtown is no exception. Located north of Old City, Fishtown was originally settled […]

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