Tromsø, Norway (1/2)

November 28th – December 1st, 2019


Being in Tromsø feels simultaneously like living in a dream and being in the twilight zone. Being in the Arctic Circle was so surreal and the few hours of sunlight we had were hazy and had a way of making us lose track of time. Tromsø in the winter is permanently enveloped by a blurry aura that imposes a sense of stillness and the feeling as if the world was dipped in blue ink.

I think we were in a perpetual state of awe while we were here. I’d never seen so much snow in my life (I’m from SoCal, ok) – overnight, it snowed so much that the world looked brand new, with a thick layer of fresh layer of powder covering every surface. Tromsø days feel slow, and my days here also seemed to move at a much lazier pace than the rest of my trip. Our first day was spent first with a breakfast at the Risø Mat & Kaffebar, a cozy coffee shop with a small, but delicious breakfast menu. Stop by for a hot cup of coffee, omelette, breakfast platter, or sandwich.

From here, we walked around the city and stopped by the tourist center. Everything is so polished, and everyone here is also just so nice (!!). They say Norway is one of the happiest countries on the planet, but that’ honestly probably because they’re pretty wealthy (and socialist) here. We walked across the bridge and visited the Arctic Cathedral, which fit in with the rest of the city perfectly, with its textured white walls and pointed, geometric exterior.

There are incredible views everywhere, and we took the Fjellheisen (cable car) up the mountain, where I witnessed some of the most breath-taking views I’d ever seen in my life. It felt like we were standing on the edge of the world up there. The sun was still up when we took the cable car up, and as we sat in the café in the sky darkened to “night,” which offered a completely different view of the city.

Photos truly don’t do it justice.

Especially compared to these exceptional views, the food in Tromsø is aggressively average – typical American / European fare. We stopped at Rorbua Pub, where they literally had a stuffed polar bear and a band that played American rock music, for a few beers and pizzas. Honestly not too bad, especially in the cold weather, but not too crazy. The vibes were definitely fun, though.

Also! Please visit this specific gift shop. You will not regret it.

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