Nantucket, MA

June 12th, 2019 – June 15th, 2019


  • Accommodations: AirBnb
  • Food:
    • Lemon Press
    • Straight Wharf
    • Millie’s
    • Cru
    • The Juice Bar

I don’t think I would’ve ever made it out here on my own accord. Nantucket is a beautiful island but there’s not much here. Truly, it is the land of croquet, shingled houses with idyllic names, Vineyard Vines, and lobster dinners. Quite an interesting (and probably once-in-a-lifetime) experience. We only spent three days here, but if you have a car, three days is plenty. The island also has a nice bus system that will take you to all the main spots.

Also, Nantucket is pretty tough to get to and is where people go to “summer.” Every corner of the island is gorgeous, from the boutiques to the fishing boats at the docks to the lighthouses at the beach. But there’s an eerily artificial quality to all of it. The sunsets over the horizon are perfect and the lighting seems to strike at just the right angles no matter where. Very “grammable,” as they say. I guess everything was put in its place very deliberately.

And every place is made more perfect with the presence of family. (Also, everything is really expensive here so it’s nice to be there with others.) My sister was able to drive us around the island since she was working there for the summer and strolling around with her and my mother was just perfect. Cheesy, but the air there smells salty like the ocean, which I love.

I’m not kidding when I say the houses have names. They’ve all been built very close to the shoreline (basically right up against where the sea washes up to the beach). But the sea-level has been rising, threatening to touch the pristine porches. So, what do they do? They actually pick up and move entire houses inland until the ocean gets too close again. There are actually laggards that are still dangerously near the coastline.

Of course, we have to talk about the food. Some of the best, though overpriced, seafood I’ve had. But honestly, you’ll be hard-pressed to find anything affordable in Nantucket.  There are some cute breakfast places like the Lemon Press, but of course, we had to try lobster rolls while we were there. Cru had a pretty great lobster roll to offer, along with a great veggie bowl, lobster salad, and chocolate sundae.

Other stand outs were Straight Wharf for a fine dining experience, Millie’s for its gigantic portions (seafood quesadillas and shrimp tacos are to die for) and beautiful sunset view, and The Juice Bar for its ice cream and, well, juice.

Come here for the quintessential New England summer!

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